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40 Years Later

"Unparalleled experience..."

In 1976, a small solar company founded by the Watumull brothers (Rann and Teren), their partners, and their father, began to make waves in the solar energy industry (still in its infancy).  From implementing new system designs, to inventing best practices (still widely used today), Natural Resources became a pioneer in the solar water heating market.  Forty years later, Teren is still servicing and installing solar systems while Rann went on to become widely successful in banking and personal finance management.  Over the past four decades, Teren has owned and worked for many solar businesses as consultant, manager, supervisor and installer.  His experience at all levels of solar water heating installation is extensive and nearly unmatched.  He is recognized throughout the Honolulu solar industry as a patriarch of the green energy movement and master at his craft.  And now in 2018, once again he is diving back into the solar water heating industry to specifically target the overwhelming demand for solar pool heating with his new startup.  Rest assured, whether commercial or residential, Sun Up Pools LLC is already the best company to trust for solar pool heating service and installation.  

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